Review: ‘A Bump Along the Way’ is not to be missed

‘A Bump Along The Way’ is hitting cinema screens in a time where female-led films are dominating the box office and ‘Derry Girls’ is drawing record viewership.

Friday, 11th October 2019, 11:26 am

But, this gorgeous, funny and heartwarming film very much stands out on its own and it’s not hard to see why it has swept up awards at major film festivals.

Set in Derry and with one of the original Derry girls Bronagh Gallagher leading the cast, it deals with a wide range of issues, including bullying, self esteem, acceptance, loneliness, infertility, mother-daughter and female relationships and of course, as the title suggests, pregnancy.

Bronagh Gallagher as Pamela, a 40-something single mother who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, and Lola Petticrew, as her disapproving daughter Allegra are stunning in their roles and have a fantastic chemistry.

The cinematography is excellent and there are some breathtaking shots of Derry, across the Peace Bridge, along the Foyle and viewers will delight in seeing local landmarks, including Lisneal College, where the school scenes were set in. Many scenes are based in the family home, and the closeness and intimacy of the shots make you believe you could be in the same room.

While ‘A Bump Along the Way’ deals with many serious issues, it is also very lighthearted in tone, with many ‘laugh-out-loud’ moments. A funny, beautiful film, that has the odd ‘lump in the throat’ moment, it is a film of which Derry should be very proud. Not to be missed.