The techno heads running riot

The compelling sound of techno’s hottest new duo, Riot Code are set to release a new EP named The Summoning.

By Conor McClean
Tuesday, 31st May 2022, 12:31 pm
Riot Code
Riot Code

The five track EP arrives via the NineTimesNine label, curated by the iconic techno giants, “99999999999”.

Constructed upon the bright eyed duo’s lust for more, the boys are truly here to make their mark. Five spell binding tracks take listeners on a journey of blood, sweat and tears in a bid to show all. Highlighting Paula Temple’s ‘Timewarp’ set in New York earlier this year, lead track ‘Monarch’ grabbed the attention of thousands leaving a flurry of ID requests in its path.

The remainder of the EP has not gone unnoticed with support from the likes of global sensation Richie Hawtin and AnD to name a few.

Riot Code

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    With three years of work in the making, the duo amassed a die hard following from all corners of the UK, Ireland and Europe. The Summoning EP has been crafted over a lengthy seven months, each track holds its own narrative and energy. Armed with a toolbox of slamming set breaks and high powered synths; dig deep into the dark and gritty underworld of Riot Code’s euphoric heart racers to full force dance-floor carnage.

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    The Summoning EP