VIDEO: Late Late Toy Show family reunion leaves nation in tears

It's the video the entire nation has been talking about.

Monday, 4th December 2017, 1:08 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:27 am
The Burke family reunion on the Late Late Toy Show.

Eight year-old Adam Burke and six year-old sister Kayla received perhaps the greatest surprise any child could ask for at Christmas - for their father to be with them.

Adam and Kayla appeared on the Late Late Toy Show on RTE on Friday evening.

Along with the help of show host, Ryan Tubridy, the children were bowled over when their father, Sergeant Graham Burke, appeared from behind a large panel of Christmas wrapping paper.

The children thought their father was on peace keeping duties with the Irish army in Mali and wouldn't be home until January.

The Burke family from Midleton Cork consists of dad Sergeant Graham Burke, mum Marie and their three kids - Adam, Kayla and 4-year-old Emily.

Graham although originally a 'Dub' from Tallaght has spent most of his career in Cork - he commutes daily to the 12th Infantry Battalion in Limerick.

Graham is currently completing his 6th tour of duty overseas. He is currently in Mali and was last there in 2013.

Graham met Marie through her brother Don who is also in the Defence Forces and asked her out during Christmas 2006.

The rest is history and ten years later they have three kids, a dog and a house ten mins outside Midleton.

The last time Graham saw the kids was on September 14 - this tour of duty has been much tougher on everyone as the kids are older and they really miss him plus their uncle Don has recently returned from Lebanon and they see the excitement of their cousins to have their daddy back before Christmas.

So when Sergeant Graham heard The Late Late Toy Show were looking for such a family he jumped at the chance.