ALERT: Fake £20 notes circulating in Derry warning issued

A warning has been issued over fake £20 notes circulating in Derry.

By Brendan McDaid
Wednesday, 19th February 2020, 10:44 am
Fake £20 Danske bank notes are circulating in Derry.
Fake £20 Danske bank notes are circulating in Derry.

City Centre Initiative issued the alert over fake Danske Bank £20 (Ferguson) notes being distributed around the city.

The Serial Number to look out for is AC3414951.

A spokesperson stated: “We would like to issue an appeal for businesses to be on their guard and remind all employees to make an effort to check all notes at the point of sale.

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“We know only too well the negative impact that these notes can have when they are accepted. Business can close, lives turned upside down and jobs lost. We would like to stress the importance of reporting any incidents of counterfeit currency to the PSNI via ‘101’ so that they can be investigated as soon as possible.

“Going by reports we have had the notes are of good quality and may appear to be genuine, HOWEVER they do not pass the counterfeit pen test. If you do not have a counterfeit pen at each point of sale we would highly recommend getting one.”

City Centre Initiative has issued a check list for people to look for on the Danske Bank £20 Note:

*Print Quality - Lines should be SHARP, well DEFINED with no blurred edges. Colours should be CLEAR and DISTINCT.

*Water Mark - H. Ferguson the same as the main portrait should be visible from the front to the back. Electrotype Twenty to the right of the portrait water mark.

*Security Thread - When held to the light the word NORTHERN appears within the 1.2mm thread.

*See Through - Behind the left ear of the portrait includes a hexagon pattern within the design which changes to blue when tilted to the light.

*Micro Printing - “NORTHERN BANK” under the portrait and denomination value within the circle around the logo.

*Serial Number - Serial Numbers are on the front of the note. One is VERTICAL and one is HORIZONTAL.

*Denomination Numerals ✖ - The number 20 appears on the top left corner and left centre of the front of the note, as well as both corners of the rear. The words “Twenty Pounds” is detailed left centre on the front and is centred toward the bottom of the rear of the note. £20 is partially overlaid on the gold foil on the front of the note and right of centre on the upper section of the rear of the note.

*UV/Fluorescent - If you place note under a good quality ultra violet light you will see the barcodes on the front of the note. On the back of each note, incorporated within the wheel pattern and also the dome top right of the triangle are fluorescent inks.

*Gold Foil ⚠️ - Gold Foil with DP overprint.