Boost for Derry economy post-lockdown ‘welcome’

Paul Clancy.Paul Clancy.
Paul Clancy.
Derry’s tourism and hospitality industries have been boosted by an influx of visitors from across Ireland as they continue to recover from the impact of the Covid lockdown.

This is the view of Derry’s Chamber of Commerce which has hailed the reopening of the local economy after “so many months of hardship”.

Its chief executive Paul Clancy says it’s positive that people are supporting and shopping local.

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“We hope this continues over the next few months,” he added. “The influx of domestic visitors, from across both Northern Ireland and from the Republic, is very encouraging for our local hospitality and tourism businesses and will be a real boost for them as they get back on their feet.

“It’s likely that our status as a leading short break destination on the island of Ireland will remain strong over the summer and it’s vital that the NW capitalises on this.

“Initiatives, like the Department for the Economy’s ‘holiday at home’ voucher and the high street voucher scheme, will also be very important in stimulating growth and encouraging people to support local businesses.”

Looking ahead, Mr Clancy added: “While the reopening of the economy has been strong and positive, the Executive must begin planning for the full removal of all remaining Covid restrictions.

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“While businesses can trade again, there are still significant restrictions on many sectors, especially those in the hospitality industry who have not been able to open to their full capacity.

“Ahead of the next Executive review of restrictions on July 22, ministers must now put serious consideration into how businesses and wider society can live without restrictions once again.”