Wains’ World - Children on the news

Today marks the start of Wains’ World - a series where primary school children discuss major news stories.

Tuesday, 16th November 2021, 9:26 am

This week, Primary 6 pupils at St Eithne’s PS talk about the volcano that has erupted in La Palma, in the Canary Islands.

Corey, Noah and Éile were first up to tell everything they knew about the eruption and speculate on what they would do if a volcano erupted in Derry.

Lacey, Mason and Tristan talked about what it would have been like to lose everything to a volcano and decided between themselves what the best mode of transport would be to get away from a volcano eruption as fast as possible.

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One thing both groups felt very passionate about was what would happen if Father Christmas was to fly over an active volcano. ..

Noah is the first to bring it up after Corey says he would rather be in a volcano than have another tooth taken out. “Imagine if Santa Claus was on the sleigh and he went past the volcano erupting! His reindeer can fly without the sleigh, it’s just there for him to sit on.”

Corey is very sombre just thinking about it “His sleigh would probably be made out of wood so it would be very serious.”

Éile thinks there’s more than the obvious danger of ash and lava to think about: “But it would be really hard for the planes to see him so that could be dangerous.”

Lacey doesn’t even want to entertain the idea: “Well Santa’s magic so he never dies!”

Tristan is very diplomatic about the whole thing: “My Christmas present would be for Santa to take away all the lava. But what about his reindeer? Does his magic seeds make him invulnerable to lava like a star in Mario?”

Mason only has one thing on his mind: “It could break all the presents and they could all get destroyed and no-one would have a good Christmas and the snow could destroy probably a wee tiny piece but not that much.”

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