Wains’ World - Eglinton PS

Primary 5 pupils at Eglinton Primary School are on Wains’ World this week talking about bullying.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 4th January 2022, 12:27 pm

Bullying is a huge topic in schools and workplaces at the minute and the children gave a great insight into how to recognise the signs that someone is being bullied, why people become bullies and who you can ask for help.

Annie: “My daddy told me that if someone is bullying you or being mean to you, sometimes if you just ignore them they will get bored of it.”

Harry: “There’s a difference when you’re having fun with someone and when you’re bullying them.

Primary five pupils in Eglington Primary School

“When you’re having fun, you might be playing karate or a game like that where you’re not actually trying to hurt the person, you’re just having a good time. But if you’re trying to bully them, you’re hitting them in the back or actually hurting them.”

Alfie: “If you’re being bullied you should look for a trusted adult or guardian and tell them.

“There’s a really good Youtube channel that teaches everyone about bullying and all that kind of stuff.”

Lucy: “There can be lots of different types of bullying, physical bullying is where people physically hurt you, mental is where they’re saying words and cyber is online.


“It’s a constant thing. Someone might not even realise that they’re being a bully. They might just think it’s fun that they’re messing around.”

Farragh: “If someone is being bullied it can make them feel sad and worthless.

“Sometimes it makes them feel really lonely in life like nobody likes them. I saw someone in my street be bullied before and it made me feel like I had to do something to stop it”

Maisy: “People become bullies because something bad might have happened in their lives and they want to take their anger out on someone else. It’s important to talk about bullying because maybe bullies will stop then.”


*The video can be watched at Derryjournal.com