BBC London Marathon 2019 video sees Fr. Chris Ferguson labelled a 'true Derry hero'

Derry priest, Fr. Chris Ferguson, has been labelled a "hero" for not just completing the London Marathon at the weekend but for the way in which he spoke about the Foyle Hospice during a B.B.C. interview before the gruelling 26.2 miles long route.

Tuesday, 30th April 2019, 11:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 30th April 2019, 12:03 pm
Fr. Chris Ferguson. (Video/Photo courtesy of the B.B.C.)

In an interview watched by millions of viewers before the beginning of the marathon, Fr. Ferguson explained the importance of the Foyle Hospice to the people of Derry and the greater North West of Ireland.

"End of life care is so important to so many families," said Fr. Chris.

"The people at the Foyle Hospice have treated our loved ones and family members with so much care and support."

Fr. Chris Ferguson. (Video/Photo courtesy of the B.B.C.)

A short clip of the interview was shared on social media on Sunday.

"What a gent - a true Derry hero," said one local woman.

"Congratulations Fr. Chris [Ferguson]; what a guy - legend," added another.

Fr. Ferguson went on to speak about his own personal experience of the hospice.

"It [Foyle Hospice] has touched so many lives and we support it in any way we can.

"From a personal basis my mum is now in palliative care - she has been in and out of the hospice this last while so appreciate everything the people working there do.

"In terms of local the community the Foyle Hospice is a vital service in the North West and we would be lost without it."