Trade unions call rally in opposition to £20 Universal Credit cut

Protestors will gather in Guildhall Square on Saturday to demand the British Government cancels its proposal to cut the £20-per-week Universal Credit uplift next month.

A rally has been called for 3pm by the Derry Trades Union Council.

Chairperson Niall McCarroll said: "Presently across Ireland we have 17 billionaires with the northern Irish rich list harbouring a combined wealth of £7.464 billion.

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"On October 6, 105,000 households across the north will lose £20 a week from their Universal Credit payments, of these 105,000 recipients 1 in 3 are currently employed, the working poor, receiving poverty pay.

Derry Trades Union Council has called a rally in opposition to the proposed £20 cut to Universal Credit.

"Of these 105,000 households, 7,100 are in Foyle, 4,100 are in Lisnagelvin and 3,100 from Strabane.

"Locally about 14,500 households will lose £20 a week, equating to a yearly total loss of £1040, representing an overnight cut of £15 million across the local council area."

Mr. McCarroll said unemployed workers and the working poor have been 'relentlessly abandoned' by the government.

"We need a wealth tax, time to tax the rich, better wages for workers, an end to the excesses and inequalities across income, investment in public services, an end to privatisation and an end to the vilification of those less fortunate," he said.

He called for local people, trade unions, community groups, and political representatives to support the demonstration this Saturday, September 18, at 3pm, in Guildhall Square.