Petition calling for a skate park in Derry

An online petition has been launched calling for a skate park to be created in Derry.

The petition, which has only been live for three days, has already attracted over 2,000 signatures.

Organisers plan to eventually present the petition to Derry City and Strabane District Council to urge them to create somewhere for skateboarders to safely practice and hone their skills.

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Ronan McElroy, who set up the petition, said there is a thriving skateboarding community in Derry who have been waiting for a skate park for nearly two decades.

“There was some money set aside about 15 years ago to create one, but nothing ever came of it.”

Although Ronan says he hasn’t been on a skateboard for a number of years, the amount of young people he has seen practising their skills in public areas encouraged him to set up the petition.

“There isn’t anywhere for skaters to go in the town. They are stuck using public spaces, which maybe isn’t always welcome. A lot of young people have been using Ebrington to hone their skills, but it would be much better if there was somewhere away from the public where they can practice safely.”

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Ronan said Skateboarding should be treated the same as any other sport.

“There are many kids out there who are not into team sports like football or Gaelic. There are plenty of pitches for those sports in Derry. Skating is now an Olympic sport, yet in Derry skaters are left out on the street.

“Skating is a healthy thing to do and it is great for your mental health.”

Ronan added that there are many professional skaters from the city who have had to move elsewhere to perfect their skills because Derry does not have such a facility.

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He said that the creation of a skate park in the city could have economic and tourism benefits through the hosting of competitions.

The petition is available at