Some of the comments left on our 16 things you could do in Derry in the '90s are so funny we just have to share them with you

There's no other way of putting this, the Derry humour is probably the best kind of humour there is and ever will be.

Friday, 20th September 2019, 1:41 pm
Derry in the 1990s.

Some of the comments left on our 16 things you could do in Derry in the '90s are so funny we just had to share them with you

"The wave machine over in Lisnagelvin was an absolute nightmare if you didnt have a decent float".
"Loved the flashback but you missed Marlenes next door to Squires. Rammed at the door for the best chicken fillet burger or curry and chips".
"So many of these bring back memories - using punts; going to Squires; then Wheelers and meeting my wee granny on a Friday after school and going to the Lep."
"I remember eating sausage suppers inside Squires. Why were you all ordering burgers outside for?"
"Remember the wave machine? Our nerves used to be wrecked on a Sunday. Then monster munch and a snack bar out of the vending machine."
"Or Kam House special, LOL, and standing freezing in the snow with no coat and a pizza at Bradleys taxis".
"You were like bloody Rambo in Lazer Quest! Scared the bej***s out of me!"
"You couldn't beat a carry out at the Foyle Arts Centre, followed by Lazer Quest then the Venue".
"I mind all these - didnt go to squires but mind the pet shop."
"Mexican spiced beef from Abrakebabra, delicious when drunk, don't know what it tasted like sober..."
"People with manners should be on this list."
"Do remember the time me and Mickey ordered a skip from the council to your ma's house - we used our landline to do it - great memories."
"I would have been ready for the hills if Facebook and smartphones existed in Derry in the 1990s - you would have not been able to get away with anything."
"I remember having a big snowball fight on that big green in St. Columb's College on Bishop Street - someone pinged a snowball off a teacher's head as he was driving up the road".
"I remember feeling like I won the Lottery every time my ma bought me a 10p mix from Whoriskey's shop on Westland Street."
"I remember my granny giving me 20 punts the day I made my first communion. My da took it and said he'd pay me back - I'll be getting on to him the next time I am in Derry".