Wild Atlantic Way - Malin Head Ireland’s most northerly point, Donegal named after the goddess Banba

Stunning Banba’s Crown, Malin Head.

By Brendan McDaid
Sunday, 17th October 2021, 8:48 am

According to ancient lore Banba was the sister goddess of Erin (Eriu) and Fodhla. Banba was the first of the Tuatha de Danann, the children of Dana (the fairy folk) to set foot in Ireland. The race ruled for a time but once defeated all three sisters asked for the island to be named for them. All three were granted this wish but Erin’s name has prevailed (Eriu, Eire, Ireland) all but here at Ireland’s most northerly point. Banba is associated with the earth and nature. Wonder how it happened her name persisted here?

This incredible place in Inishowen, County Donegal is Ireland’s most northerly point with numerous historical features that chart Irish history spanning from the ancient to modern times.

It is popular with international tourists along the Wild Atlantic Way and holidaymakers from Derry and across Ireland. Nearby towns include Malin, Carndonagh, Ballyliffin and Culdaff.

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Wild Atlantic Way - Banba's Crown, Malin Head, County Donegal. (Photo Brendan McDaid)

Near Banba’s Crown you will find famous pubs/ restaurants, a hostel and churches both ancient and modern and, of course, beautiful beaches.

There is a walkway along the cliffs with stunning views out over the Atlantic ocean with plans for more visitor facilities in the near future.

Malin Head, County Donegal. (Photo: Brendan McDaid)