Cancer teen's '˜biker' dreams all realised

Alexandra Johnston who is battling cancer pictured on a trike last weekend.Alexandra Johnston who is battling cancer pictured on a trike last weekend.
Alexandra Johnston who is battling cancer pictured on a trike last weekend.
A 14-years-old girl who is battling cancer for the second time, saw all her dreams come true last weekend when 34 bikers arrived at her home and took her on a road trip.

Alexandra Johnston became a massive fan of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ while receiving chemotherapy for Ewings Sarcoma and raced through all seven seasons in just a month.

This is the second time the teen has battled cancer since 2013.

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Alexandra was in remission after her first course of chemotherapy, but she relapsed in March this year.

Her dad, Andre, told the ‘Journal’ that the special biker surprise, organised with the help of Linda McKinney from the Gasyard, provided all the family with a ‘real boost’.

‘Alexandra is supposed to be receiving chemo once every three weeks but because her body has been through so much, her bloods aren’t recovering between treatments. This means the break between chemo is longer and she hasn’t been able to go back to school yet this year.

‘She knew nothing about the bikers, it was a total surprise for her and she was totally gobsmacked when she looked out the window and saw 34 bikes outside the house.’

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‘It was a real lift for her which was just what she needed. It was a boost for the whole family.’

Alexandra was made an honorary member of the ‘Brothers of the Third Wheel’ and was gifted with a special jacket and helmet.

She also received a giant teddy bear, patches for her jacket and the trip of a lifetime on a huge trike.

Alexandra was taken from her home to The Diamond on the trike and now sees a motorbike as her vehicle of choice in the future.

She said the whole experience was ‘unbelievable’.

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‘When I saw the bikes and trikes I just started balling. It was absolutely amazing. I have had a lot of dreams come true in the last couple of years, this was one of the best. I am definitely getting a motorcycle in future.”

My Mum and Dad will let me because they will have no other choice!’