Coronavirus: Eight cases (1%) of COVID-19 in Donegal

Latest data.Latest data.
Latest data.
Eight cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the south by midnight on Saturday were in Donegal, the National Public Health Emergency Team have confirmed.

An analysis of cases up until midnight on Saturday, March 21, provides greater detail on who is getting infected and where.

Today the number of cases in Ireland rose to 1,273 - 1,125 cases in the south and 148 in the north.

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Nine Irish people have thusfar died in Ireland from the illness - three in the north and six in the south.

The geographical breakdown provided by the Department of Health in Dublin tonight however used only the 836 cases that had been confirmed in the south by midnight on Saturday.

The data reveals: 55% are male and 44% are female, with 37 clusters involving 210 cases

The median age of confirmed cases is 44 years; 239 cases (29%) have been hospitalised.

25 cases have been admitted to ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

208 cases (25%) are associated with healthcare workers.

In Donegal there were eight confirmed cases (1 per cent).

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Dublin has the highest number of cases at 471, (56% of all cases) followed by Cork with 104 cases (12%)

Of those for whom transmission status is known: community transmission accounts for 45%; close contact accounts for 23%; and travel abroad accounts for 31%.