'˜Arrogant' man assaulted father

A man who is as '˜arrogant as he is violent' has received a suspended sentence for assaulting his father.

Friday, 26th January 2018, 11:00 am
The courthouse at Bishop Street, Derry.

Connor Deane, of Circular Road, pleaded guilty to common assault on January 20.

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard the 26-years-old slammed a living room door in his father’s home. When he was asked to stop behaving in this way, he approached his father with his fists clenched.

The injured party feared he was going to be assaulted and Deane’s sister intervened.

Deane returned to the house in the early hours of the morning and was refused entry. Police were called and Deane was arrested for common assault.

The defendant was released on bail with a condition to have no contact with his father.

However, the court heard Deane returned to his father’s house and was arrested for breach of bail.

A defence solicitor said the 26-years-old has a ‘limited record’ but accepted his client has two previous convictions for assaulting his father.

He added that there was ‘no direct violence’ at the weekend and Deane had just returned to his father’s house to collect his belongings.

Suspending a three month sentence for 18 months, Deputy District Judge Trevor Browne said Deane was ‘as arrogant as he is violent’.

He added: ‘I don’t know what your problem is but get over it. You are making everyone’s life a misery and you are ending up in court’.