Derry HML staff concerned over jobs

Workers at HML in Derry say they feel they are 'on borrowed time' after the company announced the closure of a major site in Scotland.

Tuesday, 26th July 2016, 7:00 am
HML Pioneer House building in the Ulster Science & Technology Park, Derry. DER3016GS001

Concerned employees told the ‘Journal’ there was a feeling that the company no longer had a long term commitment to Derry.

“People are very worried,” said one employee. “When HML announced the closure of its Glasgow office, it was thought that the work currently done in Glasgow would move to Derry and secure jobs for the future.

However as part of the announcement that glasgow will close it was also mentioned that that the work completed there will most likely move to one of HML’s parent companies.

“HML have not been able to give any reassurances to the Derry operation of any future work that might be moved to the Derry office.”

Another worker said many of the 300 staff currently employed at HML were nervous about their future with the company.

The employee added: “There’s a real sense of doom and gloom at the moment. People are just waiting for an announcement to be made about the Derry office, especially after Glasgow and then finding out that none of that work was going to be moved here.

“It’s a really worrying time. All of us here have financial commitments and we need job security.” A spokesperson for HML would not confirm a long term commitment to Derry.

The spokesperson said: “Like any business, we regularly review our operational footprint to make sure it is fit for purpose. A recent review has led to the decision to propose the closure of our Glasgow office, and we are currently consulting with colleagues about this proposal. We will always make timely announcements to employees should any other site be affected, but at this time hope that colleagues around the group will focus on giving the team in Glasgow their support.“ The company refused to elaborate on its future in Derry.

HML is currently situated in the Science and Technology Park. The company has operated in Derry for the past twelve years.