COP26 : Free Derry Corner used to send ‘Code Red’ signal on Global Climate Crisis

Free Derry Corner was temporarily adapted last night to raise awareness of the urgency of the Climate Crisis as world leaders meet at COP26 in Glasgow as they decide their actions to address the climate crisis.

By Brendan McDaid
Thursday, 4th November 2021, 9:23 am

The adaptation which now reads ‘YOU ARE NOW ENTERING CODE RED FOR HUMANITY’ was created by activists from Zero Waste North West as part of the North West Climate Coalition’s actions in the build up to the Global Day of Action rally and march on Saturday November 6th at 2pm in Waterloo Place.

Jim Keys from Zero Waste North West said they wanted to use the wall to ‘speak the reality behind the hype of COP 26’, as he claimed global leaders ‘are still more focused on propping up a capitalist system that is destroying the planet than responding to the climate emergency we are in’.

“As the cradle of the civil rights movement, our struggle found strength in the global solidarity it won. The climate justice movement is a global one, not just with people but with the ecosystems which are integral to supporting life on earth,” Jim Keys said.

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Activists at Free Derry Corner.

There are rallies and marches happening across the world this Saturday, November 6 and locally climate activists are calling on people to gather in Waterloo Place at 2pm to join the global call for urgent, radical climate action.

A spokesperson from the local climate coalition said: “Only through the pressure of people taking to the street, campaigning and mobilising for climate action, will there be the type of change needed to address the climate crisis. Governments have done too little too late.”

The message at Free Derry Corner.