Letters to the Editor: We need a champion to tackle Derry's run down, decrepit leisure facilities

Templemore Sports Complex. DER2152GS – 006Templemore Sports Complex. DER2152GS – 006
Templemore Sports Complex. DER2152GS – 006
Derry City is a City of champions. It has provided an inordinate production line of sporting talent to the Country of Ireland.

It is testament to the people of Derry that it continues to produce sporting heroes in spite of, not because of, the aged, rundown and decrepit sporting leisure facilities that its natives have very sadly become accustomed to.

How much longer must the disabled, children, teenagers, adults and elderly citizens of Derry pay first class prices for third rate facilities?

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Not everyone can be a sporting icon but every single rate payer can at least expect facilities that are fit for purpose.

William Street baths, which is currently closed.William Street baths, which is currently closed.
William Street baths, which is currently closed.

There are three 25m swimming pools in the town. One, namely William Street swimming pool was built in the 1950’s, 70 years ago.

This pool is not allowed to be used by the inhabitants of the town who still pay rates for it and currently sits idle, crumbling and aggressively sucking up the peoples’ money. Another, Templemore Sports Complex was built in the 1970’s, 50 years ago.

These buildings are no longer fit for purpose and need to be demolished with new state of the art centres being built like those that already exist in Belfast, Lisburn, Bangor and Portadown for example. Yet money is wasted hand over fist putting sticking plasters on limbs that need to be amputated.

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Why does Derry, a city with 150,000 population have 1 children’s slide available in all pool facilities throughout the city?

The powers that be need to unify and provide facilities that the people of Derry can be proud of.

We need leisure centres that cater for everyone and attract locals and visitors alike to our beautiful, vibrant City.

The time has come for a new champion to emerge, one who will endeavour to give the people of Derry something to cheer about when it comes to providing the state of the art leisure facilities that has been denied them for so long.

Which political party will have the courage to accept this challenge from the voters? Which political party will repay the people who support them?

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The questions our representatives in Derry need to be asking are, how are we in this position, who has a plan and when will they deliver? We need forward thinking people. We have facilities from the past, rotting in the present. What champion will give our children hope for the future?

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