Greyhound Walk in Derry

A Greyhound Walk will take place in Derry next weekend to highlight the need for more homes for retired greyhounds.

Friday, 18th August 2017, 10:46 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:07 am
The walked is being staged to help retired greyhounds find homes.

The Brandywell Greyhound Racing Supporter’s Group is hosting the Derry event along with Destined, a local charity promoting inclusion for people with learning disabilities.

The Greyhound Walk takes place on Sunday, August 27 at 2pm, meeting at Destined’s premises at the Foyle Valley Railway Museum, Foyle Road

The event is one of many taking place across Ireland as part of an initiative by the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust.

The Foyle Valley Railway Museum site. 1709JM12

Destined will be providing tea and buns for participants and water for the dogs. There will be prizes for the dogs. GAIN pet nutrition products will be sponsoring the event and will be providing goodies, while the Derry branch of Jolley’s Pet Superstore has also donated free goodies.

A spokesperson for the Brandywell Greyhound Racing Supporter’s Group said they are aiming to make the Derry event “the most successful of all the walks across the country”, adding: “We would therefore ask people to come along and support us. Participants can check out our Facebook page for updates about the walk and about the work we do.

“The walk is aimed at owners of rehomed greyhounds, racing greyhounds and anyone with an interest in a fun afternoon out. We are asking people to come along and meet the breed and even get to walk one of the dogs. We want to highlight what great pets greyhounds make, contrary to belief, they don’t need loads of exercise - because they are sprinters, they conserve their energy so they like lying around a lot. There will be lots of ‘doggie’ men and women there with their dogs and will be happy to let the public get up close to the dogs and even walk them.

“We are particularly interested in encouraging families that have been involved in the sport over many years in the city, but who have lost that connection. We want to welcome these families back into the sport and culture once again. The event will also be an opportunity for people to register as members of our group. Anyone who has an interest in the dogs or who just wants to support our work can sign up for a year’s membership, which costs just £5. The Supporter’s Group will have lots of exciting prize draws, competitions and events for our membership throughout the year, which is another good reason to join us.

The Foyle Valley Railway Museum site. 1709JM12

“The newly built track at the Brandywell will be opening later this year and our Supporter’s Group will be involved in raising the profile of greyhound racing to help enliven the sport and get it back into the blood stream of the city once more.

“We aim to connect the sport with other aspects of city life such as community, culture, heritage, tourism, business and health. The future of this important aspect of our city’s culture depends upon people taking an interest in the sport and supporting our initiatives to keep the sport alive at the Brandywell.”