Kayak owner located after major Swilly search

Malin Head Coastguard has urged anyone who loses a kayak or dinghy to let them know so they can keep a record.

They made the appeal following a large scale search on Tuesday night after a kayak was found in Lough Swilly.

Numerous search and rescue assets were involved in the search of the Lough and an appeal went out on social media to try and locate the owner.

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The owner of the kayak was later found safe and well.

Lough Swilly RNLI.

Taking to their Facebook page, Malin Head Coastguard later urged anyone who loses a kayak or dinghy to ‘please let the coast guard know so we can keep a record and if it’s found we can contact the owner directly, without having to launch multiple search and rescue assets thinking someone is in trouble

Lough Swilly RNLI confirmed on their Facebook page that the kayak had ‘drifted off a beach.’

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Lough Swilly RNLI later shared a post from a kayak owner, who highlighted that he had a sticker inside his kayak, which he got free from the RNLI, with both his and his wife’s contact details in case the kayak is found, something he said would save the emergency services a lot of time.