Derry DJ Subtrax spinning heads in Liverpool scene

Conor Lynch (21) from Derry, is a DJ and producer who goes by the name Subtrax. In September 2021 he moved from the north west of Ireland to north west England in order to pursue a path in the music industry.

Conor will begin studying Digital Creativity & Music Production in Liverpool, and says that the main attraction to moving to was inspired by the city’s vibrant and cultural music scene.

“I make House and Techno music, and I started producing when I was around 15,” he said. “I started dipping my toes in the water with music software like Fruity Loops Studios. As I got older I started to move into Ableton, which is what I use now. I was testing out different genres, I try not to stick with the one specific genre because I want to make music I would listen to myself.

“The main influence in my music is my father. I grew up in a music family, he’s always been playing music, and I’ve cousins who play music - so it was always inevitable that I’d do music of some sort; I think it’s going to turn into a career for me.”

Derry DJ and producer Conor Lynch (Subtrax). Photo by Joseph Hamilton.

Subtrax’s first gig fell on St. Patrick’s Day of this year where he performed at a venue in Liverpool called Lost Lounge. Earlier in the year he released the track ‘Apollo’ which has been premiered by prominent outlets such as Mixmag magazine, BBC’s Across the Line and BBC Introducing Merseyside.

Conor has also featured in the Liverpool Echo and he described his arrival to the city as “very welcoming and supportive,” for music pioneers like himself.

Subtrax’s next performance will be on July 15 at the Seven Twenty bar in Derry, and will be presented by Conor’s music management label Nexus. “I’ve always been inspired by Denis Sulta,” he said.“Probably because of his connection to Derry, and he has been here and played so many times. As well as that, Belfast duo Bicep for example.

“I’ve seen them about four or five times now. It just shows you how people can excel no matter which country you are from. As long as you’re producing good music, you can make it anywhere. With Derry, I think we need venues open again, and people putting on more events. After the pandemic people want to get back into it, and as long as people keep putting on events, more people will follow along.

Derry DJ and producer Conor Lynch (Subtrax). Photo by Joseph Hamilton.

“I just want to be a DJ and tour the world with my own music. As I was growing up with my mates, I would always be responsible for playing the tunes before heading out somewhere. If I can turn that into a career, and travel the world at the same time, then I think that would just be the best scenario in the world for me.

“I always tell people ‘What goes around comes around’ - if there is ever somebody stuck, I will try and help them out. I try and always do good, so that good will come back to me.”

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On Friday July 15, Subtrax plays the Seven Twenty bar with Wave Trax and Kris Fegan. To purchase a ticket please visit: