Reduction in Firmus energy prices on the way for Derry

Firmus energy has announced today, 7 March 2023, a reduction of 18.84% to their regulated gas tariffs for domestic and small business customers in the Ten Towns area, including Derry, effective from 01 April 2023.

It is important to note that this firmus energy announcement precedes an expected announcement by Government regarding the future level of EPG subsidy to energy bills. A reduction in the EPG subsidy would mean firmus energy customer bills do not reduce as significantly as announced today.

These are the second tariff decreases from firmus energy this year and will help ease the bills of their 110,500 domestic and small business gas customers across the north.

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For customers in the Ten Towns, including Derry, this means the annual gas bill of a typical household with a credit meter will reduce by about £342 per year and customers with a prepayment gas meter (PAYG) will see their typical costs reduce by around £335 per year, not factoring in the new Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) rate.

Firmus energy prices are set to be reduced.Firmus energy prices are set to be reduced.
Firmus energy prices are set to be reduced.

The Ten Towns area includes Derry, Antrim, Armagh, Ballymena, Coleraine, Craigavon, and Newry.

Raymond Gormley, Head of Energy Policy at the Consumer Council said: “These firmus energy tariff decreases in both the Ten Towns and Greater Belfast networks are welcome and will ease some of the pressure that customers have been dealing with for the last number of months.

"However, we anticipate Government will reduce the level of Energy Price Guarantee support it is applying to all our energy bills meaning firmus energy customers’ bills may reduce by a lower percentage amount than the company has announced today.

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“Gas bills remain higher than last year, so we urge anyone who is struggling to pay their energy bills or top-up their meters to contact their supplier directly for help and support.”

The Consumer Council is currently running its ‘save money and energy campaign’ which sets out support and advice to help households save money on their bills this winter by reducing their energy usage through adopting energy efficiency measures. The advice and guidance, including an overview of all financial help, grants, and schemes that are currently available to consumers, is available at

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