McCann welcomesDalradian removal

People Before Profit Alliance Councillor Eamonn McCann has welcomed Derry City and Strabane District Council’s move to oppose “all sponsorship by Dalradian Gold of events in the Council area” as an excellent precedent.

Saturday, 25th May 2019, 8:30 pm
Updated Saturday, 25th May 2019, 9:30 pm
Eamonn McCann (PBPA)

The motion, initially proposed by PBPA Colr. Shaun Harkin but amended by Independent Colr. Paul Gallagher, followed the goldminer’s sponsorship of the North West Business Awards, which has since been withdrawn.

Colr. McCann said: “In rejecting the Dalradian company as a suitable sponsor for a business awards event, DC&SDC has provided an excellent precedent for other councils dealing with mining or oil companies engaging in PR actions when looking for approval for operations which predictably would inflict damage on the environment.”

The PBP councillor said other companies held or were seeking licences to mine for minerals or to drill and frack for oil and gas right across the North and should be similary opposed.

Local community activist Paul Hughes of the Enagh Youth Forum said: “EYF is delighted that Dalradian withdrew its sponsorship for the upcoming CCI NWBA. This was due to a collective effort by Independent councillors, community activists and EYF who met last week with the awards organisers to oppose Dalradian’s involvement in the awards on moral and ethical grounds.”