IN PICTURES: 16 Derry roads that could see the return of a hard border if 'No Deal' Brexit goes ahead

Human rights activists, politicians and business men and women have all stated that a hard border will be put in place between the North and South of Ireland if the U.K. leaves the E.U. without a deal in March.

Thursday, 24th January 2019, 12:12 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 6:51 pm
The border between Derry and Donegal, near Bridgend, Co. Donegal.

Here is a look at the 16 Derry roads that could see the return of a hard border if a 'No Deal' Brexit is allowed to happen.

Alder Road is just off the Racecourse Road leading to Muff, Co. Donegal. It is also close to Lenamore Stables.
The Altghaderry Road is close to Sheriff's Mountain. The road runs alongside what appears to be an old disused reservoir.
The Ballougry Road runs alongside the River Foyle and if driving in the direction of Donegal you would eventually arrive at Carrigans.
Arguably the most busy of all of the border crossings between Derry and Donegal. This road would be used by people travelling to Letterkenny, Inishowen and by motorists availing of cheaper fuel.
The Coshquin Road runs alongside the Buncrana Road and would be used by people from Derry travelling to Bridgend and further afield.
The Coney Road starts in Culmore and emerges at the edge of Co. Donegal village, Muff.
Located close to where the British Army maintained an ever present checkpoint on Buncrana Road during the Troubles. Opposite the Cosh Bar and Grill.
This too would be a very busy border crossing between Derry and Donegal. Many people born in the North live in the nearby village of Muff.
This border crossing is near both Killea and the old Letterkenny Road.
The Groarty Road is a couple of miles long and runs from Glenowen in Derry to the top of Carrickbridge Road, Co. Donegal. It has a lovely red phone box on it.
Not far from Ballyarnet, the Lenamore Road is near the Skeoge Industrial Park on Skeoge Road.
Still a busy road into and out of Derry, the Old Letterkenny Road would still be used by many people from Derry who live in Donegal but work in the city.
There is a popular campsite located here where the border between Derry and Donegal meet.
Windmill View runs off the Mullenan Road which is also near Ballougry Road.
If driving in the direction of Derry, the Creevagh Road would eventually take you close to Creggan Heights. Runs close to Altghaderry Road.
Home to perhaps one of the closest Derry primary schools to the border, the Mullenan Road is a main route used by people travelling to Carrigans, St. Johnston and further afield.