Saoradh says it's 'going nowhere' after latest Derry raids

Saoradh has said it's "going nowhere" after the party's national headquarters in Derry were searched again by the PSNI on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 10:57 am
A PSNI landrover in Chamberlain Street while a search was conducted of Junior McDaid House.

The hard-line republican party issued a defiant statement after police investigating the murder of Lyra McKee in Creggan last month searched its Junior McDaid House premises on Chamberlain Street. A number of items were taken during the police operation but no arrests were made.

It claimed that the raid was "a culmination of unprofessional journalism by some and a near hysterical clergy all being dragged nose first by the crocodile tears of former republicans who are working along with British Crown Forces to thwart any and all republican activism".

"The raid, involving British Military Intelligence and Tactical Support Group (TSG) personnel follows on from further raids on the homes of local Saoradh activists where family phones, computers and children’s school work have been taken despite bearing no relevance. In addition to this, Saoradh activists in Derry and further afield have been under overt surveillance in recent weeks," the party added.

Saoradh, which has consistently denied any links to the 'IRA' and has described itself as "an autonomous Revolutionary Socialist Party that has collective leadership, transparency, accountability and unrivalled internal democracy" claimed its members have been subjected to an "onslaught of harassment" since the party was constituted in 2016.

"While so called elected representatives sit at home watching live videos of republicans being harassed and our community coming under attack, our activists are on the ground responding. Attacks like this will do nothing to thwart republican activism and will only harden our resolve," the statement claimed.

Saoradh said it would not be deterred by the unwanted police attention.

"As Saoradh continue to grow, so does our support. We state now, loud and clear; Saoradh,the Irish Republican Prisoners' Welfare Association (IRPWA) and Éistigí [the Saoradh youth organisation] are going nowhere.

"Do your worst. It won’t be enough!”