St Joe's boys mentor Long Tower P7 protégés

Former Long Tower Primary pupils now studying at St Joseph's Boys' mentored Primary 7 students from the Bishop Street school, who are now considering following in their footsteps, during a special Christmas-themed creative writing workshop recently.

Saturday, 10th December 2016, 5:00 pm

The workshop was based on the theme of Christmas and the inspiration for the creative writing output from the boys was the much-loved Christmas poem, “’Twas the Night Before Christmas”.

The St Joseph’s Boys’ pupils collaborated with the Primary 7 boys to write creatively during two workshops, which were held on November 24 and December 1.

And, by all accounts, literary imaginations ran riot and the Bishop Street boys came up with some brilliant ideas whilst getting a creative writing 101 in the process.

“Some fantastic ideas were in evidence and plenty was learned about similes, onomatopoeia, metaphor and alliteration,” said a spokesman for the school.

Their work will now be compiled into a booklet form for the boys, their friends and their families to enjoy over the Christmas holidays, which won’t be long now.

“On December 1, the Year 7 pupils visited St Joseph’s for a follow-up session to allow them to edit, improve and word process their work before it is collated into a booklet to be shared with parents/guardians,” the school spokesman said.

Mrs J. Brady, Head of English, at St Joseph’s and Mr S. O’Kane thoroughly enjoyed working with the prospective pupils from the Long Tower, the spokesman said.

They also praised the St Joseph’s pupils who took part in the workshop for their commitment and enthusiasm.

“As always the St Joseph’s pupils were role models for their younger counterparts,” the spokesman said.

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