Suspected Heroin found near play park

Saoradh Doire activists have urged vigilance following a string of anti community activity in and around the Galliagh and Greater Shantallow areas of Derry.

Friday, 6th July 2018, 9:52 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:40 pm
The suspected heroin found in Galliagh.

Saraoadh representatives said that over the past number of days, local residents from Galliagh, Skeoge and Shantallow have contacted them with complaints regarding creeper burglaries, death driving and drug dealing.

They said that following on from those complaints, another Galliagh resident handed in what appears to be a bag containing suspected Heroin. The clear bag filled with brown powder was found close to Ederowen Play Park. It was immediately destroyed by Saoradh representatives at Junior McDaid House.

Hitting out at the recent upsurge in anti community activity, local Saoradh representative, Paddy Gallagher said: “Over recent days we’ve seen a massive increase in break ins, death driving and drug dealing in these areas.

“With the summer months and good weather coupled with a lack of investment and provisions in the area these issue always come to the fore.”

On Saturday night a number of activists from the Saoradh youth department, Éistigí, stopped and recovered a stolen car in the Skeoge area.

The Éistigí activists said they caught a known ‘death driver’ driving the car like a maniac on a busy main road with a wheel missing.

“The criminal also had stolen prescription drugs on him and money he stole from what we now know belonged to a couple saving for their wedding,” a spokesperson said.

As the good weather and summer months continue Saoradh have urged local people to be vigilant and to take precautionary measures to ensure their homes and cars are safe.

“We encourage anyone with concerns regarding anti community activity to contact your local Saoradh representative or call to our offices at 14 Chamberlain Street. Alternatively you can contact us via Facebook or by phone on 028 7127 1967,” the spokesperson said.