Bogside resident’s ‘blue light’ concerns

Parking congestion in Abbey Street.Parking congestion in Abbey Street.
Parking congestion in Abbey Street.
Emergency ‘blue light’ services like the Fire Service (NIFRS) and Ambulance Service (NIAS) could struggle to reach call-out destinations due to continued traffic congestion in the Bogside, a concerned resident has warned.

Brian Woodrow, who lives on William Street, where the district meets the city centre, said the local streets are daily clogged with the cars of non-residents who work nearby and use the area as a car park.

Mr. Woodrow said it’s a particular problem in the Abbey Street area.

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“The binmen are having to come in at 7 o’clock in the morning because it’s the only time they can get up and down the street due to all the parked cars,” said Mr. Woodrow, who has been living in William Street for the past four years.

“People are worried about what would happen if the fire service ever has to get in there. If one of their large ladder appliances was needed there would be no way it could get in.

“I think if they put a set of double yellow lines up one side of Abbey Street and at the corners, where it’s a major problem, it would help solve the problem.”

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue said traffic congestion has long plagued the Bogside area and that residents’ concerns needed to be listened to.

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“Abbey Street and all the surrounding areas suffer from heavy traffic congestion right throughout the day due to their close proximity to the centre.

“As a local Councillor I would get complaints on daily basis about all aspects of this be that parking, road safety and air pollution.

“Anything that could help the free flow of traffic needs to be looked at and residents consulted on any proposals,” said Colr. Logue.