Would you and your mates go to a Great British Bake off Stag do?

Grooms-to-be have started going on alternative stag-dos - where they are taught how to bake cakes by stars from the Great British Bake Off.

Would this be your idea of a stag do?
Would this be your idea of a stag do?

Costing £99 per person, parties of 12 or more are being encouraged to “Bake with a legend”, such as Howard Middleton, Ian Cumming and Paul Jagger, who will crown one of the stag group the champion baker.

The three-hour session includes all the aprons, ingredients and the occasional drink to keep the die-hard stag-do goers happy.

Male interest in baking has been on the rise thanks to the GBBO - as long ago as 2013 it was found that more men had watched an instalment of the baking contest than a Champion’s League match on the other side.

The Stag Company unveiled the new idea after it was announced that 42 per cent of males in Britain bake every week.

Chief executive Rob Hill says: “There has been a huge shift in what stags are looking for in their final weekend of freedom.

“And activities like this are a great mix of fun and healthy competition.

“Every friendship group contains a secret baker, and stags can celebrate this and return home with new skills that will do them well in married life.”

“Afterwards, there will be time to socialise...”