3 in 4 Brits are forcing themselves into work despite being unwell

New research from Patient Claim Line has uncovered the UK’s fears about taking time off work when they’re sick.

A survey of 2,000 nationally representative Brits discovered that 76% of workers have forced themselves to go to work despite being ill (pictured above)

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Shockingly, a quarter of participants confessed that they worry that they may get fired if they take too many days off for a long-term illness.

How can employees effectively communicate with their employer if they believe work is causing them to become unwell?

Clear communication is essential throughout the employment relationship and, in my experience, never more so than in matters of health. If work is causing an employee to become unwell, the earlier they speak to someone about it, the better measures can be put in place to help.

Can a visit to the doctors be classed as compassionate leave so employees still get the annual leave that they are entitled to on top of this?

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The only real exception would be where an individual has Health and Safety concerns that can be verified. My advice to both employees and employers is to keep the lines of communication very firmly open and listen carefully to each other’s views to reach some kind of resolution rather than defend entrenched positions.”

If I contract Covid, can my employer ask me to come into the office in line with the new government guidelines?

“From an employee perspective, as with any tricky sickness issue, a lot will depend on their employers’ policy and approach. Some will be generous and considerate to people affected by Long Covid; others will want to offer the barest minimum as required by the law and, because of the long-term nature of the illness, may ultimately look to move people on who have to take significant time off work.”

If your illness has not been taken seriously or repeatedly dismissed by your employers and this has led to avoidable pain or suffering, then Patient Claim Line can help. Speak to a member of our friendly legal team for free legal advice by visiting our website here

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