Three reasons why lifting weights makes you sexy

Last week I discussed the importance of making calories your primary focus when it comes to losing weight.
Darragh GibbsDarragh Gibbs
Darragh Gibbs

This week I’m going to discuss why lifting weights is essential to a healthy and sexy body. Shall we begin?

1. You build muscle and tone up

Women in particular don’t want to look “bulky” and lifting weights won’t do that to you. It takes years of hard work and dedication to get really big and bulky. Who wants to do that?

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Most people want to “tone up”, which is building muscle and improving your body composition (dropping bodyfat).

So how does someone tone up? You start lifting weights a few times a week, if you’re new I would recommend doing a full body day split three times a week. If you’re somewhat experienced hitting set body parts works as well.

Do this for a few months and your body will have no choice but to change. Just be mindful that if your nutrition is poor, you will hinder your progress. Check out my article from last week to get a better understanding around calories and nutrition.

2. You will exude confidence

From coaching hundreds of people over the years I always notice one thing after a short period of them lifting weights for the first time. They absolutely love it and confidence flows through them.

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Anyone can lift weights, it’s extremely safe and it’s for all levels of fitness. Not everyone can run but everyone can lift weights (bodyweight work also counts).

You get to see visual progress (how you look and feel) as well as progress in your lifting. Week by week you can see yourself getting stronger. That shows you’re stronger than who you were last week. That’s a serious mindset shift a lot of people aren’t aware will happen when you begin lifting weights.

3. Lifting weights forces you out of your comfort zone

Lots of people never lifted weights in their life. Lots of people haven’t stuck to a training plan for more than a few weeks. As a result, end up back where they started.

When you do it right and commit to the long game you are constantly forced to get outside of your comfort zone which will only allow you to grow as a person. You should always be looking to get outside of your comfort zone if you wish to grow and develop.

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Let me summarise how lifting weights makes you sexy both inside and outside; 1. Your body changes, so visually you look more attractive and healthier, that’s sexy right?

2; From dropping bodyfat, building new muscle and getting stronger you now have a glow about you. That sounds like something a sexy person would do, right?

3: You get outside of your comfort zone regularly, so what’s stopping you asking your crush out on a date or doing something romantic for your partner?

Just remember, play the long game and be consistent. Lifting weights will change your life in ways you never knew possible.

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If you ever have any questions on lifting weights get in touch with me, my email is [email protected] or click hereChat to you next week.

Coach Darragh

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