Derry Journal 250th exhibition heading to Northside Shopping Centre

The Derry Journal’s 250th anniversary exhibition at Foyleside Shopping Centre will go on tour in the North West over the coming months, relocating to Northside Shopping Centre later this week.

The free to visit, 3-D exhibition will remain in Foyleside Shopping Centre until Thursday before transferring to Northside Shopping Centre in Shantallow on Friday for three weeks.

The Derry Journal - the oldest regional paper in Ireland and the second oldest paper over all - has developed the exhibition to mark the milestone and also to show how events and people have shaped the North West region as we know it today.

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Our story is very much your story and the exhibition features front pages of the Derry Journal from pivotal moments in history, from the very first front page on June 3, 1772 published in the Diamond area by founding editor George Douglas right up the present time.

The Derry Journal 250th anniversary exhibition at Foyleside.

Accompanying each front page is a narrative exploring what it is about and giving a snapshot of what happened at that particular time in our history.

The Derry Journal would like to thank our partners, St Mary’s College, Alchemy, Crash Services, Museum of Free Derry, City of Derry Airport, Foyleside Shopping Centre, Associated Print Holdings and Northside Shopping Centre.

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Brendan McDaid, Editor of the Derry Journal, said: “We are very heartened by the feedback we have received from those visiting the exhibition at Foyleside and it has been a pleasure to meet people and hear their memories as they visited.

“You can still catch it in Foyleside until Friday and we are delighted to be bringing it to Northside and the Greater Shantallow area where more people will get the chance to view it.

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“Feel free to come along and experience our local history for yourself by visiting the commemorative exhibition at Northside over the coming weeks.”

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