Fresh calls for Galway-Derry rail link as all-Ireland review held up by lack of Executive

Eamon Ryan believes the forthcoming all-Ireland rail review will provide an opportunity for ‘transformative system change’ after hearing fresh calls for a Galway to Derry train link.

The rail minister said the publication of the review, which has been completed by the consultancy Arup, is being held up by the lack of an Executive.

“The critical next step is the publication of the all-island rail review. It has been delayed, unfortunately, because we do not have an Executive in the North.

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"When that arises, hopefully, sooner rather than later, it will provide an opportunity for transformative system change to how we use our rail system,” said Mr. Ryan.

Eamon Ryan has said he hopes the publication of the ARUP review into all-island rail will provide an opportunity for ‘transformative system change’ while lamenting its publication has been held up because there is no Executive.

The minister faced cross-partisan calls in the Dáil this week for the reopening of the western rail corridor – in Munster and Connacht – and its extension to Derry.

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Progress expected on A5, A6, rail and Strathfoyle greenway projects

People Before Profit T.D. Bríd Smith said: "We have to think big for climate and for our future and see the western rail corridor extending beyond Sligo to Letterkenny and on to Derry.

"For all the talk we have about a united Ireland, an attempt at providing the infrastructure on the ground that could join the two jurisdictions in a real way for people via frequent rail services accessing all parts of the nation would be a very concrete...way of demonstrating what a united Ireland could look like.”

Labour T.D. Duncan Smith said: “It would also help unlock a north-western rail corridor that would run from from Sligo up through Co. Donegal, which has no rail service whatsoever, right into Co. Derry.”