'Doughnut' drivers branded 'selfish and reckless' and urged to desist

A minority of motorists engaged in performing 'doughnuts' in Bready have been branded selfish and reckless by police who have asked them to desist before someone is injured.

Residents have expressed concerns to police about drivers meeting at the junction of Alder Road and Lisdivin Road.

In a recent report made to police, on June 21 vehicles were being driven in a reckless manner at the junction, performing 'doughnuts.'

This is when drivers employ differential steering to spin their vehicles through 360 degrees.

The junction of Alder Road and Lisdivin Road

While this report was made at around 7pm that evening, it’s been reported this type of activity can happen at any time in the evening through to the early morning.

Sperrin North Neighbourhood Team officer, Constable Mark McLaughlin said not only are the drivers involved causing a nuisance, but he's warning someone could end up seriously injured.

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‘Doughnut’ drivers urged to desist

"Driving on the public road brings with it certain responsibilities: to the drivers and passengers; to their families and friends; and to the community as a whole. These responsibilities should not be taken lightly. It is important to point out that drivers should expect to receive a fine or worse, prosecution through the courts, should they be detected engaging in careless or dangerous driving .

Constable McLaughlin added: "This is a serious matter. This type of dangerous driving may result in serious injury or worse. Your tyres may become worn more quickly, affecting your car’s ability to stop in an emergency.

"There is a chance that you, your passengers or innocent road users could be seriously injured, or even killed. We see too many deaths on the roads in Northern Ireland.

"We will be increasing patrols in the area, but we would also urge anyone who knows of dangerous driving in their area to note down the registration details of the offending vehicles and contact police immediately on 101. The quicker we receive a report, the quicker we can act."