Derry people second biggest weather whingers - it's official

A snow covered Crawford Square in Derry.A snow covered Crawford Square in Derry.
A snow covered Crawford Square in Derry.
It's official, Derry people are amongst the most likely to whinge about the weather.

A survey was carried out by British Gas and the results revealed that people from Derry are the second biggest whingers when it comes to weather, the only county to beat Derry was Fermanagh.

The survey examined, in great detail, a quarter of a million Tweets about the weather throughout the United Kingdom, and the results for Northern Ireland confirmed that come rain, hail or shine, Derry people love to moan about the weather.

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Interestingly, people from Co. Down and Co. Antrim are much more likely to look on the bright side of the weather.

Meanwhile, the weather forecast for this weekend is to be cloudy with the chance of rain.

Temperatures are expected to reach a high of 18°C on Sunday afternoon with a low of 12°C.

Heavy rain and thundery downpours are predicted for early next week with temperatures remaining in the high teens.

For a full look at the survey visit the British Gas website