Colum Eastwood asks Boris Johnson to commit not to 'break international law'

Colum Eastwood has asked Boris Johnson if he will give a commitment 'not to break international law' by altering the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and Irish Protocol he negotiated, agreed and signed with the European Union.

Speaking in the House of Commons this afternoon the Foyle MP asked the British Prime Minister about claims that he had not consulted the First Treasury Counsel (FTC) - an independent barrister who advices Downing Street on matters of international law - about the British Government's plans to alter the international treaty.

"Today we hear reports that the Prime Minister refused to consult the First Treasury Counsel on his [Boris Johnson's] plans to rip up the Protocol. I know this question might be a bit redundant given that he might not be around for very much longer but given the Prime Minister's casual record, of casual law-breaking, will he give a commitment to the people of Northern Ireland that he will not break international law any time soon?"

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Colum Eastwood in the House of Commons today.

Mr. Johnson refuted the claims that he had not consulted the FTC and said his priority was the protection of the Good Friday Agreement negotiated peace settlement.

"I can tell him that the reports he has seen this morning are not correct and what I can also tell him is that the most important commitment that I think everybody in this house has made is to the balance and symmetry of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement. That is our highest legal, international priority and that is what we must deliver," said the Conservative Party leader.

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