Colum Eastwood calls for election arguing British Labour would be better for Derry

Foyle MP Colum Eastwood has called for an election arguing a new administration led by the British Labour Party would be in Derry and Ireland's interests.

The SDLP leader has welcomed the impending resignation of Boris Johnson today and said the outgoing British Prime Minister should leave government immediately.

"He should now leave government immediately. While the failings of this government have been aggravated by the tone, temperament and character of Boris Johnson, it runs far deeper.

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"Those who have fled the sinking ship are incapable of putting the problems right, not least of all the approach to legacy and the protocol in Northern Ireland. This is a moment to bring an end to twelve years of Tory government," he said.

Colum Eastwood
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The Derry MP claimed a government in London led by the British Labour Party under Keir Starmer would be better for his constituents.

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“Relationships across these islands and outcomes for the people we represent would be far better served by a new administration led by the Labour Party.

"An administration that understands the layered complexities of identity and politics in the North and the need to build enduring relationships with partners across Ireland, Britain, Europe and North America.

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"The current Tory administration has proven itself uniquely incapable of distinguishing between the public interest and their own narrow political interest and their time in government is up," he said.