Video: Hermann Kelly stands outside Pádraig Pearse pub and delivers anti-globalisation message

Derry-born journalist Hermann Kelly stood outside the Pádraig Pearse bar in Pearse Street to deliver an anti-globalisation message in his bid to be returned as an Independent MEP in the European Parliament elections in Dublin next week.

Thursday, 16th May 2019, 6:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th May 2019, 7:07 pm
Hermann Kelly.

Mr. Kelly, who is president of the Eurosceptic Irish Freedom Party, standing in a street famously named after one of the foremost leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising, said: "This is the man, the main man, who fought for Irish freedom in 1916.

"He was one who wanted to protect and grow Irish culture, Irish sense of identity, language, sport, dance."

The Bogside-native, a confidante of Brexit Party chief, Nigel Farage, and who has acted as director of communications for the right-wing Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group, claimed this sense of identity was being eroded by globalisation.

Hermann Kelly.

"Here we have a sense of community along these streets but just a few hundred yards up the road are places that look and feel like America with a different culture, a different set of values.

"There are people who feel much closer to Brussels and New York and Tokyo.

"I am in favour of maintaining this sense of community, sense of solidarity. It is the basis of the welfare state."

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Derry man is key player in Irexit Freedom Party

The former St. Columb's College pupil identified "globalist gentrification" as something he would oppose if returned as an MEP next week.

"Ireland is our home it is not just an economic hostel.

"It is not a wet island in the middle of the Atlantic of consumers and producers.

"There are so many people living abroad in our diaspora who are well qualified, who want to come home. I believe that the Irish state should give incentives for these well qualified people to come home to build up an Irish community in Ireland once again," he said.