OPINION: Deserving and demanding better

‘The state of our health service is a disgrace. The money that people are earning is a disgrace.’ Those are the words of local woman Ellen Moore to the hundreds who gathered at the weekend to ‘demand better’.

Money, if there is any, is tight in almost all households now as families and single person households struggle to juggle mounting costs.

And yet we are being told by well-heeled Ministers in London that we will be expected to pay more tax, weeks after they tanked an already ailing UK economy and helped push the prices of mortgages, goods and services through the roof in the process.

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It is also disgraceful that the government have failed to say when the fuel relief payments, for what they are worth, will be made here. This isn’t extra money; it is money to try to stanch the bleed from wounds that the Tories were complicit in inflicting upon an economy that shows no signs of improving.

And now, following collective amnesia across the water regarding the damage Brexit has done, some are finally waking up to the true cost of a Referendum that had more to do with rescuing the Conservative Party than salvaging any union.

We are paying the price for the survival of a political party in Britain we didn’t vote for. We deserve better. It’s long past time for a general election, but also for the expedition of groundwork for the only real chance we have of a decent future in a new, reunited Ireland of equals.