Strong TUV team can deliver a shake-up of the Stormont shambles

As someone born in Londonderry in 1967 and who has lived in Newbuildings for some 35 years this is an area I know and love.

Elizabeth Neely
Elizabeth Neely

I have been blessed with six wonderful children and also have three grandchildren.

I want to see the best for Foyle, for this place to be a great constituency to live, work and raise children.

I know the people, their hopes, aspirations and fears and having worked in the health service for the past 14 years I appreciate the challenges faced by a service we all rely on to deliver for us.

For too long the Unionist people of Foyle have been neglected and overlooked.

The reality of life for the minority community here has been overlooked by outsiders and ignored by people in positions of power both in the local council and higher up.

The exodus of people from a Protestant background from the city side of the River Foyle is a stain on this area which we cannot afford to ignore.

Many lives are impacted by the sectarianism which resulted in this.

The reality is that the party which has been entrusted with representing the views of Unionists in Foyle has failed to provide the sort of robust representation which people need.

Does anyone believe that any Sinn Féin or SDLP Minister would build border posts between Northern Ireland and the Republic? Yet it was a DUP Minister who built the disastrous ‘Poots’ Posts’ which partitioned our nation.

In Jim Allister TUV provided leadership to fight the Protocol in Stormont and in the courts.

Unionists can strengthen his hand by voting Neely 1 on election day.

Equally, on the issue of a Sinn Féin First Minister TUV has been up front with the public. A Sinn Féin First Minister is only possible with the help of Unionists.

There can never be one unless they find a stooge Unionist party to nominate a deputy. TUV is clear that we will never empower Sinn Féin. Why won’t others tell you?

With a strong TUV team we can deliver on the other issue which comes up often on the doorstep – a shakeup of the Stormont shambles.

There is a growing realisation that it can never be made to work so long as we insist on parties which do not have to agree about anything before going into government constantly being forced together.

We need a system which empowers you, the voter, to change your government at election time and gives you an opposition to hold the powers that be to account.

There are some who seem to believe that their party ‘owns’ the Unionist seat in Foyle. I’m taking nothing for granted but I believe I can win.

Vote for strength and integrity. Vote Neely 1 and having done so transfer to other pro-Union anti-Protocol candidates.

On Thursday vote in strength and for strength not weakness. Vote 1 for your TUV – No Sea Border candidate before transferring to other pro-Union, anti-Protocol candidates.